Swachh Bharat Mission - Gramin(SBM-G)

Nature of work assigned to the section (in brief):
The Mission is named as Mission Nirmal Bangla and under the mission the Government of West Bengal endeavors to achieve the larger objective of reduction in child mortality and morbidity, overall mortality and morbidity by reducing chances of water borne and fecal borne diseases due to prevalence of open defecation; reducing the loss of active workdays due to prevalence of diarrheal diseases among the wage seekers; reduce the drop out of children, especially girls due to lack of appropriate toilet facilities in schools; improve overall cleanliness in the villages thereby contributing to improved environmental conditions. Thus the overall goal of the Mission will be to bring about positive changes in the physical quality of life in the villages by promoting cleanliness, hygiene and elimination open defecation. To achieve these larger impacts on the villages and the community, the specific goal of the Mission is to transform all the villages of West Bengal to Open Defecation Free (ODF) villages by 2 October 2019. Developing community managed solid and liquid management systems in the rural areas will also feature as priorities to improve overall cleanliness and environmental sanitation in the villages. The following are the main Schemes under Mission Nirmal Bangla:
i) IHHL Construction : IHHL Construction to be done at the house hold level in the rural areas on the basis of Base Line Survey list to achieve the Open Defecation Free Status at the Gram Panchayet Level.
ii) Construction of Community Toilet : Community Toilet to be constructed at the various public places for daily use by beneficiaries at places of huge accumulation like Haats, Market Places etc.
iii) Solid and Liquid Waste Management : A minor Solid and Liquid Waste Management Project under Mission Nirmal Bangla is projected to recycle daily organic wastes into useful by product like vermin compost manure, with multifold benefits of checking foil and water pollution, cleaning the community and transforming into recycled organic products.

Acts & rules & regulations in which the section deals:
As per the guide line of Mission Nirmal Bangla and time to time various order receive from the P&RD Department, West Bengal.

Individual Household Latrine (IHHL)

Financial Year Target Achieved
2015 - 2016 20000 25802
2016 - 2017 31177 43680
2017 - 2018 86111 25711
Cumulative (As per BLS) 176071 100941(up to 07.02.2018)

Community Toilet

Financial Year Target Achieved
2015 - 2016 29 11
2016 - 2017 12 13
2017 - 2018 25 12 - Under process(2016-17) - 8

Solid Waste Management (SLWM) 2017-18

Target Under Process Remarks
3 3 1. MoU has been executed at Kamakhyaguri II G.P under Kumargram Block . The land development work has been completed and the construction has been started.
2. MoU has been executed at Volka Barobisha I G.P under Kumargram Block. The land development work has been completed and the construction has started.
3. Tender has been processed at Jaigaon I G.P (catchment area of Jaigaon I, Jaigaon II and Dalsingpara G.P) under Kalchini Block . The land development work has been completed and the construction has been started.

Block wise ODF Status

Sl.No. Block Name No. of GP No. of GP Achieved ODF Status(As on 07.02.18) No. of GP yet to be achieved ODF Status
1 Alipurduar I 11 6 5
2 Alipurduar II 11 7 4
3 Kalchini 11 4 7
4 Falakata 12 3 9
5 Kumargram 11 4 7
6 Madarihat- Birpara 10 6 4
Total 66 30 36

Targeted ODF GP for 2015-16 - 12 Nos.

Achievement (2015-16)
Gram Panchayet Additional Village
4 Nos. (14 Village) 1. Kalchini Block- (Rajabhatkhawa GP)
2. APD-II Block- (Tatpara-I GP & Kohinoor GP)
3. Madarihat-Birpara Block-( Totopara Ballalguri GP)
22 Nos. Kalchini Block - 6 nos. villages
APD-II Block - 2 nos. villages
APD-I Block - 5 nos. villages
Kumargram Block - 5 nos. villages
Falakata Block - 1 no. village
Madarihat-Birpara Block – 3 nos. villages

Targeted ODF GP for 2016-17 - 20 Nos.

Name of the Block Name of the Achieved ODF GP (2016-17)
Alipurduar I 1. Salkumar-I
2. Salkumar-II
3. Mathura
Alipurduar II 1. Samuktala
2. Bhatibari
3. Turturi
4. Chaparerpar-II
Kalchini 1. Mendabari
2. Latabari
3. Garopara
Kumargram 1. Khoardanga-I
2. Khoardanga-II
3. Turturikhanda
4. Kamakhyaguri-II
Madarihat-Birpara 1. Birpara-II
2. Madarihat
3. Khayerbari
4. Lankapara
Falakata 1. Mairadanga
2. Jateswar-II

Aspirant ODF GP for 2017-18 - 36 Nos.

Name of the Block Name of the GP Remarks
Alipurduar I Vivekananda-I, Vivekananda-II, Patlakhawa, Purba Khatalbari, Tapshikhata,Parorpar, Chakowakheti, Banchukamari Full Block ODF
Alipurduar II Chaporerpar I,Mahakalguri ,Majherdabri, Parokata, Tatpara-II Full Block ODF
Kalchini Kalchini, Jaigaon I, Dalsingpara, Satali, Jaigaon-II Remaining 3 G.Ps
Kumargram Chengmari, Kumargram, Newlands-Kumargram-Sankosh (NKS), Rydak, Volka Barovisa I, Volka Barovisa II Remaining 1 G.P.
Madarihat-Birpara Birpara I, Hantapara, Rangalibazna, Sishujhumra, Bandapani Full Block ODF
Falakata Salkumar, Falakata I, Parengerpar, Guabarnagar, Jateswar-I, Deogaon, Dhanirampur-I Remaining 5 G.Ps


Triggering and community led total sanitation approach has been approved by the Central SBM (G) & MNB at State level as an effective tool to create massive deep penetrating effect among the mass for the need of IHHL, disseminating the ODF concept & creating a better understanding for the need of sanitation.
Triggering programme has successfully been taken up in this district as an effective component of IEC activities, for qualitative sensitisation at the Sansad level where pending are high in terms of IHHL construction and places where open defecation is wildly prevalent till time. Hence it was proposed and accepted that triggering in CLTS method be taken up in the 20 nos. of the ODF aspirant G.P.’s in the 6 Blocks under this District for the financial year 2016-17.
District Level Triggering was conducted by Knowledge Link as a master-approach for training and sensitisation of PRI members and district & block/G.P’s functionaries. The Sansad –level Triggering was implemented by trained professional of NGO (Name: MSSO) having TOT from Jalpaiguri Z.P and All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health, Dept. of Sanitary Engineering , Govt. of India and the District Coordinator, MNB Cell, Alipurduar Zilla Parishad.
Community Led Total Sanitisation Campaign is achieved creating massive awareness generation, thought-exchange on health & sanitation process and enthusing and inspiring for better usage pattern where IHHL exists and for making IHHL where there is need for the same. Triggering was highly successful in creating mass involvement in the process of ODF.

Mason Training

Individual Household Latrine Construction essentially involves a considerable knowledge of technical knowhow to ensure the constructions at different Blocks and different GP areas in a same parametric dimension and similar nature of construction in all the diverse topographical conditions and installation by different agencies/rural sanitary marts.
Accordingly the problem is hard felt and arrangement is made to impart training to selected mason groups of all approved sanitary marts Block wise, the knowledge of technical specifications of IHHL construction and the basic concept of the technology involved in the designs.

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