Objectives of SSK/MSK

In view of fulfilment of SSA goals, Universal Access demands a major role which should be fulfilled at the outset of the academic year. With the passage of RTE the focus of Universal Access has been shifted and the parameters and norms have also been changed. The significance of social access in universalizing elementary education cannot be under estimated rather more importance should be given on it. Social access therefore demands not merely physical access to set up a neighbourhood school within a notified distance but also social access by way of addressing all practices within the school premises. Mapping of access is a very tough task which has already been completed with the help of GIS map. School and social mapping is therefore a powerful means of mobilizing the community to ensure that all children having age group 6-14 years should attend school and complete their elementary education. District has conducted habitation survey in the financial year 2007-08 to take a view of gross educational scenario of a habitation which helped us very much to identify the need of the habitation but after that GIS map serves the details with regard to need of Primary and Upper Primary schools as RTE says “There should be a Primary or SSK within one kilometre radius of habitation for rural area and half kilometre for urban areas and for upper primary it would be for within two kilometre radius of habitation for rural area and one kilometre for urban areas”. In the past it is seen that, for fulfilment of universal access the education granted schemes was encouraged by opening alternative schooling in the area where there is lack of primary and upper primary school but after enforcement of RTE acts it mandates that there would be no informal schools within the habitation if it is lagging behind district should take appropriate steps for opening of requisite number of primary and upper primary schools.
In the context we have achieved a tremendous success in respect of newly Set up SSK & MSK at District SSK & MSK Cell, Alipurduar Zilla Parishad. At present, we have 495 nos. of SSK & 47 nos. of MSK at our District.

Nature of Work assigned to SSK & MSK Section,Alipurduar Zilla Parishad

• Maintenance of SSK/MSK Cell with Administrative set up under control of ADM & AEO, Alipurduar Zilla Parishad & supervision of The Secretary & DNO, Alipurduar Zilla Parishad with Dist. Co-Ordinator in-charge & PA cum DEO(now vacant).
• Maintenance of monthly Honorarium of Sahayak/ Sahayika/ Samprasarak/ Samprasarika/ Academic Supervisor including Scrutiny of Scroll,requisition of fund for Honorarium every month & finally disbursement through U.B.I Bank,Alipurduar.
• Compilation of report/returns from all the Blocks & submit to the concerned authorities for taking necessary action.
• Attend the State Level Monitoring Meeting at PBRSSM,WB,Kol as and when called for.
• Conduct the monthly meeting with S.E.O and Academic Supervisor for better monitoring of SSK/MSK centres for proper implementation of educational value and standard as envisaged by the Government.
• Periodical visit of SSK/MSK centres for its better monitoring in regard to quality teaching & learning, proper maintenance of MDM programme, interaction with Sahayak /Sahayika /Samprasarak /Samprasarika which largely boost their morale those who are in far-flung & remote areas.

Profile of SSK & MSK at Alipurduar District

Sl No Name of Block Total No of SSK & MSK Total No of Student Teacher Strength in SSK & MSK
SSK MSK SSK MSK Sahayika Samprasarak Academic Supervisors
1 Alipurduar I 64 7 2731 449 199 29 3
2 Alipurduar II 83 9 4216 1539 195 44 3
3 Falakata 110 11 6174 1734 285 56 6
4 Madarihat - Birpara 86 6 4019 615 254 23 1
5 Kalchini 88 4 6264 657 305 16 1
6 Kumargram 64 10 3961 1422 165 44 3
Total 495 47 27365 6416 1403 211 17

Present Status of Electrification at SSK & MSK Centres of Alipurduar District

Sl No Name of Block No of total SSK + MSK All the formalities – Application/ Quotation / Deposition of Amount with WBSEDCL Ltd. completed Nos. of Centres Connection Completed Nos. of Centres Connection Incompleted due to want of Polls and Extra.
1 Alipurduar I 64+7=71 Yes 71 00
2 Alipurduar II 83+9=92 Yes 79 13
3 Falakata 110+11=121 Yes 111 10
4 Madarihat - Birpara 86+6=92 Yes 77 15
5 Kalchini 88+4=92 Yes 91 01
6 Kumargram 67+7=74 Yes 68 06
Total 495+47=542 542 497 45

Blockwise Report on Nos. of Sahayak /Sahayika /Samprasarak / Samprasarika of SSK/MSK under Swastho Sathi Scheme

Sl No Name of Block (A)Total Nos. of Contractual Employees (Including Academic Supervisor) (B)Nos. of Applicants Registered under “Swastho Sathi” Scheme Reason there of :
1 Alipurduar I 232 229 The Gap between ‘A’ & ‘B’ is already registered with Swastho Sathi Scheme earlier under SHG & SE
2 Alipurduar II 245 242
3 Falakata 349 343
4 Madarihat - Birpara 279 250
5 Kalchini 325 240
6 Kumargram 215 208
Total 1645 1512

Basic infrastructure of SSK & MSK

Sl No Name of Block Total No. of SSK & MSK Whether having own Building Whether On rent Whether in any other building Name of Those SSK/MSK & reason thereof
1 Alipurduar I 64+7=71 70 NIL 01 Birpara SSK
[ Additional Class Room (ACR) is allotted & SSK under Construction ]
2 Alipurduar II 83+9=92 92 NIL NIL N/A
3 Falakata 110+11=121 116 NIL 05 Amar Pally SSK
Dalgaon Hindi MSK
Jangla Kalibari SSK
Achiruddin SSK
Paschim Dalimpur Binod Bihari SSK
( Used as multipurpose Centre i.e. Anganwari & ICDS Centre )
4 Madarihat - Birpara 86+6=92 92 NIL NIL N/A
5 Kalchini 88+4=92 89 NIL 03 Chandrabir Line SSK
Natun Hasimara Mechuya Patty SSK
Notun Hasimara Suryo Colony
( Used as multipurpose Centre i.e. Anganwari & ICDS Centre )
6 Kumargram 67+7=74 73 NIL 01 Sahebpara SSK
( New School Building allotted & SSK under construction)
Total 495+47=542 532 NIL 10  

Block wise SSK / MSK List

Block Name List
Alipurduar I Download
Alipurduar II Download
Falakata Download
Madarihat - Birpara Download
Kumargram Download
Kalchini Download